Ear Acupuncture Chart: Alternative of Body Acupuncture

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Acupuncture, as a practice, has become immensely popular these past two decades in the Western world. But, it was actually originated thousands of years ago in China. It is a technique that makes use of hair-thin acupuncture needles which are then inserted in the skin. The benefits of acupuncture are best felt when an appropriate acupuncture chart is used.

However, there has been a steady interest in the use of an ear acupuncture chart. Those who support the use of ear acupuncture charts assert that by this technique does not require a body acupuncturist’s assistance because the systems of the body are all contained in the ear acupuncture chart.

The use of an ear acupuncture chart, which shows body parts that are affected by different regions of the ear, can be ideal for those with acupuncture needle fears. An ear acupuncture chart does not necessarily make use a needle since the ear can also be stimulated by using the dull end of the needle or simply using a fingernail to stimulate the sore places of the ear.

An ear acupuncture chart shows that the inner part of the ear, the part near the ear hole, covers many of the internal systems of the body such as the bladder, large and small intestine, just to name a few. The top of the ear corresponds to the tonsils, fingers, wrist, toes, knees and the ankle. The outer part of the ear is connected to the chest, shoulder, appendix, spine, and elbow. The ear lobe covers the mouth, teeth, and eyes. The back of the ear points to headaches, coughs and the lower back.

How Does it Work?

In an ear acupuncture therapy, in order to diagnose the problem areas, a toothpick or similar piece of equipment is used to prick the various points on the ear to find the areas that are most tender to the touch. When these areas are located, then the person can start to use the needle for insertion into those points. Even if an acupuncture needle is unavailable, a fine sewing needle can alternatively used granted that it is sterilized well.

Using an ear acupuncture chart, the needle is then inserted about two millimeters into the skin of the ear. The needle should only be gently rolled between the fingers so that it merely spins in that spot. Always make sure to twirl the needle as fast as the patient can endure in that area of stimulation. If there is a lot of tension in a certain area, then it might be necessary to reinsert the needle near the initial area and twirled again, rotating it in a circle until all of the pain is finally worked out of the ear.

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